Why I do this

My "Why" is to Redefine Moderation for a modern, divided world so that societies may build their change resilience and grow together. I believe the Moderation is misunderstood and has no common understanding for people to draw upon.

A bit about me

I'm Riley Evan Ross. I am a podcaster, speaker, and writer from Oklahoma City. I've had the privilege of speaking at Dish Network, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Baylor University, IgniteOKC, and numerous community organizations. I am a Certified Change Management Professional and Certified Project Management Professional (PMP). I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Business Administration with a focus on International Management from Baylor University.

I'm fairly new to the interweb game but I promise I'm working on it so for updates, you can check me out on instagram @r_e_ross

What I can do for you

Currently, I'm focusing on growing the Y'all OK Podcast, of which I am the host. I am also building an entirely new portfolio of talks around the idea of Moderation. What is moderation? How should we apply moderation to politics? Moderation to Business? Moderation in our Personal Lives? Blog posts and presentations are COMING SOON!

Check out my speaking menu here!

Just  shoot me an email at riley.e.ross@gmail.com for the next steps.


Riley Ross

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